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Vetail-X gehört jetzt zur novizz GmbH!

  Das bedeutet für Sie:  
  • alle Dienste bleiben erhalten
  • mehr Technik Know-How
  • flexiblere Services
  • größeres Netzwerk
  • neues User-Backend in Arbeit
  • Ihr Ansprechpartner kennt Sie bereits
  Erstmal bleibt für Sie also alles beim Alten!   Ihr neuer Ansprechpartner, Herr Daniel Petereit, war bereits Teil des vorherigen Teams und steht Ihnen für alle Arten von Rückfragen zur Verfügung. Überdies bleibt der ehemalige Geschäftsführer der Vetail-X UG, Jasper Dencker-Hahn, der novizz GmbH in beratender Funktion erhalten.    

Automatic Speech Recognition, Video SEO, Video Subtitles, Video Recommendation

What offers

You want to index your video data efficiently? You want to improve the search results of your videos and reach an international audience? We help you to increase the usefulness of your content and to fully exploit your video data.

Google can deal with text only. We make spoken language understandable for search engines, as well!“ - Jasper R. Dencker-Hahn,

We index video data automatically using speech recognition software. In this way we make spoken web content accessible for search engines as well.
Speech technologies offer you many possibilities and we are happy to develop customized solutions for you. Your aspiration for the future is that the international communication within your company can be handled without language barriers. A lot of things are possible, maybe even more possible than you might think – let’s talk about it!

Your benefits

  • Cost-effective video transcription
    through the use of automatic speech recognition.
  • High quality recognition
    with adaptable speech models.
  • Customized solutions and services
    tailored to your individual needs.
  • Processing large amounts of data without any problems
    thanks to bulk-upload and URL-fetching tools.
  • Speech recognition technology supporting various languages
    e.g. English (UK+US), Spanish, German, Italian and more.
  • Highly developed language technologies
    for excellent results.

Vetail-x features

Vetail-x features

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